Top 8 Best Bungee Chairs in 2021 Reviews

A bungee chair is not like an ordinary chair. This chair is very versatile, comfortable, easy to use and highly portable. If you’re looking for a good bungee chair that can meet your requirements, it can be a challenge to browse through all the numerous options available out there. To relieve your worries, in this article, we will pinpoint the top 10 best bungee chairs and their lovely features. Shall we get started?

List of The Best Bungee Chairs:

Best Bungee Chairs Reviews:

08. Bunjo Bungee Chair Dorm

Bungo is the best choice you should check out. This bungee chair is 12 pounds, which is very lightweight. It is very easy to transfer or move it around since it is not heavy at all. There are two colors, such as black and gray, available for you to choose from. Furthermore, it can withstand the weight of up to 225 lbs. Besides that, this bungee chair also allows you to folds it, and you can store it wherever you want.

This bungee chair is suitable to use in dorms, sporting events, camping, game room, patios, kid’s bedrooms, and more. This chair is strong, flexible, which will make you feel safe and at ease at the same time. This bungee chair seat has an intricate pattern that is created using a Nylon cord. Thus, when you sit on it, the Nylon cord will bounce or flexible. Moreover, even if we leave this bungee chair outside of the house, it will not fly away despite the strong wind.

07. Zenithen IC504S-BUN3-TV1 Bungee Chair

Up next, we have Zenithen. This bungee chair is manufacture by Zenithen limited. This chair’s dimension is 32.28 inches’ height, 32.68 inches’ length, and 25.98 inches’ width. This chair has a strong steel frame and made from a 600D polyester rim. This bungee chair is perfect to use in a kid’s room, teacher classroom, sporting events, the video game room, etc.

It is very easy to set up. In addition, you can fold this bungee chair until it gets flat and stores it wherever you want as it does not take up a lot of space. This chair is very strong, sturdy, and durable for long term use. This chair provides you a comfy space to sit on it. It can hold the weight up to 225 lbs, and this chair’s size is about a small coffee table.

06. Foldable Rectangular Air Mesh Indoor Outdoor Bungee Chair

Zenithen has been long reputable for the quality of the bungee chair they produce. This bungee chair is very light as it is only around 8 pounds. You will feel very comfortable when you sit on it because this chair has a flexible bungee support system. This bungee chair can hold the weight up to 225 lbs. It is 39 inches’ height, 23 inches’ length, and 39 inches’ width.

Moreover, this bungee chair is made of an airy mesh material that even if you sit on it for a long time, you will still feel comfy. There are a cup holder and a pillow attached to it as well. Besides that, you can also shut or fold it flat in just a minute and will not have a hard time assembling the chair at all. Plus, its steel frame is strong and durable. It is also constructed with a safety lock. The frame of this chair can also be removed for cleaning too.

05. Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

The most famous bungee chair would be Zenithen. There are two sizes of this type of bungee chair, which are a pack of one and a pack of two. There is only one color (Teal) for you to choose from. It is made of a black 600D polyester rim. Furthermore, this chair’s frame is made from steel, which is strong, sturdy, and super durable.

This dimension of this chair is 33 inches’ height, 33 inches’ length, and 2 inches’ width. It is 7.7 pounds. Similar to other bungee chairs, it weights capacity is 225 lbs. It is very easy to fold this chair in a compact size and store it up or move to another room. Adding to that, the cord provides you the perfect bounce.

04. Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair

Urban Shop is the best option for those who like a bungee. For this type of bungee chair, there are six colors which are teal, black, pink, navy, khaki, and brown. This bungee chair is a hundred percent made from polyester, and they use poly canvas fabric to make this chair. It is 37 inches’ height, 30 inches’ length, and 30 inches’ width. Furthermore, this chair can hold the weight up to 25 lbs. It is 14.6 pounds.

This chair is suitable for use in the dens, TV rooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, apartments, playrooms, etc. Plus, you do not need to assemble it. This chair is nicely padded, which will provide you a super comfy seat. It is a large chair which is perfect for adults and teenagers to use. You can fold this chair and then store it. It is also resistant to stains. Adding to that, it is very easy to clean this bungee chair.

03. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Furniture

If you need a top-rated bungee chair, you should consider this pick from Imperial. This chair is 10 pounds. You do not need to assemble it as it has been fully assembled before it delivered for you. It is suitable to put in a dorm, bedroom, playroom, kid room, TV rooms, and more. Combined with a comfortable pillow, it even makes this bungee chair perfect or suitable to use when playing games, a lounging pool or watching TV, etc.

This frame is made from steel, and it is finished with powder coating. Moreover, it is easy to clean this chair. This weight capacity of this bungee chair is different from other regular bungee chairs as it can hold more weight, which is about 280 lbs. It is suitable for use for both kids and adults, and it is super comfy when you sit on it.

02. Giantex Folding Round Bungee Chair Steel Frame

Giantex is an outstanding product that you should not miss out on. This bungee chair is 24.5 inches’ length, 24.5 inches’ width, and 34 inches’ height. The maximum weight that this chair can withstand is 265 lbs. This chair is made from customized ropes and oxford fabric. Furthermore, this chair also has back support as it will not collapse easily, and it is comfy and will make your body relaxed when you sit on it.

Even in the summer, you will not feel hot while you sit on this chair because this chair is very airy that allows the air to flow in and out. In addition, you do not need to worry that this chair is not safe because non-slip mats have been added to the bottom of the chair which will prevent any slipping accident from happening.

There are four colors including blue, gray, black, and camouflage which are available for you to choose form. This chair has a sturdy and strong steel frame. Besides that, the surface steel pipe of this chair also resistant to corrosion and rust which is fit to use outdoor.

You can put this chair in the living room, porch, balcony, garden, hallway, and more. You can fold flat this chair in a matter of minutes. Thus, it is portable which is easy to move carry or move it around and it takes up a little space.

01. Impact Canopy 0460020002VC Folding Bungee Chair

The most popular bungee chair that you should have is Impact Canopy. It is 32 inches’ height, 32 inches’ length, and 3 inches’ width. It can withstand the weight up to 225 lbs. You can use this bungee chair for camping, kid’s rooms, living room, sporting events, parties, and more. It is made from a sturdy steel tube frame, 600 weight denier fabric, and bungee cords that are very strong and durable and can use it for a long time.

Besides that, it is very light, and then you can also fold it and then store it. Since it is light and portable, you can easily carry or move around. Furthermore, this chair provides more support as it has a flexible bungee cord. This chair also allows air to flow in and out. It is easy to use, and you will still feel comfy, even when you sit on it for a long time. Impact Canopy also gives out a six months’ warranty on every purchase.

Bungee Chairs Buying Guide

Each bungee chair has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few aspects to keep a few in mind before you buy one.

User-friendly Design

You might want a chair that is user-friendly. Those may mean the chair is light, foldable, easily portable, comes with a cup holder, comes with a pillow, etc. And, for the user’s comfort, the chair may be padded, comes with an airy back, offers a good bounce, etc.


The chair must be durable, can stand the test of time, and especially can support the user’s weight. Opt for ones made from good materials like a poly canvas material, steel frames, 600D polyester. Some chairs are even weather-resistant.


In addition to being constructed from good quality, tough materials, the chair is extra safe to sit on if it is attached with a non-slip pad or a safety lock.

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